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Smokers Case Study (60 marks)

1. Find a smoker
2. Send this person the list of side-effects of smoking. Ask if this information inspires him/her to quit.
3. Download the Health Assessment Form (above).
4. Complete the form for your case study.
5. Upload once completed (above):
Upload Assignment > Browse > Select file > Upload

Top Tip: Ask your case study which small change they would be willing to make, instead of quitting. What works well is to take Barley Life (x2 capsules per day) and gradually increase to x10-12 per day or 1/2 flat teaspoon for week 1; 1 flat tsp for week 2; and a slightly rounded tsp for week 3. Thereafter, gradually increase to x2 tsp per day.

Note any subsequent changes made. Barley Life is a great detoxifier, and many subsequently, lose the taste for cigarettes.

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