Blood Pressure Case Study (short answers – 30 marks) – International Academy of Natural Health & Wellness

Blood Pressure Case Study (short answers – 30 marks)

Find one person who has been on medication for blood pressure. Record the medication, the side effects of the medication (see package insert or check out the internet) and then ask them if they experience any of the side effects and also if they are on any other medication.

Download the Health Assessment Form (above) and record their present daily diet, breaking it down into the different meals of the day. Also, record their drinking (including coffee and tea), smoking habits and exercise routine. Then record suggestions you would make to improve their health. Upload once complete. [Word count: 500].

Assignments (195 marks)

Note: You are not to advise this person just to record the information.
If they are interested in changing their lifestyle then refer them to Perfect Health – The Natural Way or 100 Days to Health or any other book on natural living that promotes a balanced lifestyle or to a natural health consultant/coach.