Vegan 101 course


A Short Course on how to successfully get going on a plant-based, whole-food diet.

There has been a major shift in the world today towards plant-based diets..

In the 1960’s the hippies were seen as a fringe element with their vegetarian diets and a return to all things natural. Veganism was synonymous with unshaved legs and pits, dreadlocks and body odor. People where teased about being “bunny huggers” or asked if they did not eat meat for “religious reasons” and seen as being not “in touch with the real world”. Some even referred to vegans and vegetarians and “space cadets”.. Today, being vegan has become mainstream. The rich and famous, young and old, people around the world are moving towards a plant-based diet and more sustainable living.

This is a very positive and inspiring time to live in as people from all walks of life are choosing to live very consciously and carefully. Many have experienced the following improvements,

  • More energy
  • Less sleep required
  • Lighter less painful and mostly no pain menstruation
  • Loss of cellulite and excess weight
  • Skin improvement
  • Nails stronger
  • Little or no body odour
  • Brain more focused and able to concentrate longer
  • Intimacy and libido improve
  • Overall Improvement of hormonal function.

This has all encouraged this wave of plant-based living, together with a lot of science-based research concerning the environment and our bodies. The internet has not only made it easy to find out more about living sustainably but exposed the horrors of animal treatment in the meat producing industries

Sadly, many people jump into a plant-based diet, by simply giving up eating animal products without taking a balance look at eating a healthy diet. They may be eating soy noodles, white bread and highly refined and processed foods, drinking soda and coffee with refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. These people often get sick and then go back to their old diets and blame their veg based diet for causing their health issues.

So… you need to make a clear change to a wholefood, plant-based diet. A diet that contains unprocessed, natural foods, as close to how they come out of the ground or off the tree. You need a diet free of preservatives, or any additives or artificial sweeteners that could cause harm. A diet that promotes health on all levels.

Many find they do best on a gluten-free and refined sugar free and caffeine free diet.  The reasons for this is discussed in great detail in the Natural Health Nutrition (NHN) course. See here for more details

3 major nutritional issues come up when you tell people you are 100% plant-based

  1. Where do you get your protein from?
  2. What about Vitamin B12?
  3. Where will you get iron from?

And 2 serious concerns are raised

  1. Will I have enough Energy
  2. Will I have enough Strength

We will deal with each issue briefly in this basic, foundational lesson further on, (and a lot more details and science is available in our NHN Diploma program)  so hang in there – you will have all the answers to these questions which will give you more confidence in making this change.

I recently met a very successful computer genius who had made the change to a vegetarian diet to try and sort out his many health issues, that included uncontrolled (even on his high-tech drugs) diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep issues, weight problems etc. He was like so many people torn between his high ideals for living a plant-based diet and the fact that his health had not improved. He was in a good place, ready to find answers and make the changes needed. He was desperate, saying he had all the money he needed but not the health he wanted.

A change to a whole-food, plant-based, caffeine & gluten-free diet has turned his health around dramatically within 2-3 months! (Read Testimony) the guy on email from France drop in here

How can we help you?

So, to help you make this life changing transition, so that you benefit fully from the advantage of living plant-based, we have an easy step by step program for you to follow.

So we suggest you start with step 1 below and then progress from there.

1. Sign up for this free Vegan/ Plant based 101 lesson a certificate of completion will be issued if you complete all the assignments

2. Sign up for the  program – its free – with over 100 tips, recipes, guidelines and inspiration – this program will help you transition to a low animal protein or vegan wholefood diet – while understanding how and why you need to make specific changes.

3. Follow the 5 steps on the program and in our book “Perfect Health – The Natural Way” – This will help you follow a high alkaline forming diet and this will help your immune system, your hormonal system and brain work better that it ever has.

4. The Academy of Natural Health – Natural Health and Nutrition program – NHN a science based nutrition and lifestyle program that arms you with everything you need to make the solid and careful changes that result in a life free of disease and medical bills. (ours have been free for over 30 years as have thousands of others)

5. The Academy of Natural Health – Natural Health Business and Consulting program – NHBC – A practical program that helps you develop and run a healthy business and or consult and help people change their lives.

So, you do not have to add to cart, just REGISTER HERE

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