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Natural Health and Nutrition


The World Needs You!

Why This Course and Why Now?

The world needs you – Not for the US Army but for a world-wide army of natural health coaches/consultants/inspirers/ambassadors, who can make the world a better place. Your nearest recruiting station is here and now!

The Academy of Natural Health courses is for everyone, from doctors to mothers, those wanting to start a wholefood restaurant or store or juice bar, nutritionally interested to nutritional fanatics, network marketers, beauty therapists and those simply wanting to avoid illness.

Briefly – I have been studying nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for over 40 years and with a background in science, biology, anatomy, chemistry, I was looking for science-based solutions. I found them and applied them, and our family has not had a doctor’s bill due to health issues in over 30 years.

After my first book became a best seller in Southern Africa, I was approached by many people to teach them what I had learned, and in 1992 The Academy of Natural Health was started with a class of about ten in our whole food store – in Johannesburg. Subsequently, this developed into a distance learning program which we shipped all over the continent at great cost! Over 4000 students around the world have completed the distance learning program with many now personally helping others get and stay healthy. Some have written books, some have blogs, some teach cooking, some have restaurants or make whole foods, and all have gone on to be healthier and happier.

We have completely updated, expanded and taken the entire course into the digital era online.  This means that anyone anywhere can study on their phone or laptop, without the exorbitant shipping and production costs.

As always, the material is based on solid science, the physiology of the human body and data collected and studied from the longest living and healthiest communities around the world.

The NHN Course will give you all the science you need to make the successful transition to a plant-based diet. You will be able to explain to friends, family, doctors, lawyers and even discuss on radio or television why a whole food plant-based diet is ideal for everyone and our planet. Finally, you will have the necessary information in an easy to understand and applicable format, backed by all the latest research at your fingertips.

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