Lesson 7 – Fats


“Whether it is on your hips or in your chips, fat has become an obsession”. This unit assists the learner in understanding what fats are, their function, benefits and dangers.

Instructions for this Learning Unit:
1. Download the Study Guide for this unit. 
2. Make notes as you are reading through the material.
3. Complete the assessments (below) before continuing to Module 2 – Unit 4: Vitamins and Minerals.

Books required for this lesson:
Erasmus, U. (1993). Fats that Heal & Fats that Kill

Physiology Textbooks (choose one to buy):
Marieb, E.N. Human Anatomy & Physiology. 11th Edition (2018)
Sherwood, L. Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems. 8th Edition (2012)
Norris, M and Siegfried, D.R. Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies (2011)

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