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Wholefood Plant-based Nutrition

In this lesson we are going to focus on the nutritional benefit of a plant-based diet – the NHN and NHBC both contain more than an adequate amount of detail regarding the environmental and compassionate reasons to follow a plant-based diet as well as very detailed research and details on diet.

The first step is to know that a predominantly alkaline-forming diet is essential for your well-being. 

This basically means that most of the foods you eat (not less than 75%) should leave an alkaline residue of minerals in your blood stream. This means that once the food has been digested, absorbed and assimilated by your body, your blood is more alkaline.

As the pH of your blood is ideal at 7.35-7.45, you need to make sure you maintain this ideal level with your diet. At this pH cancer cells find it difficult to multiply, inflammation is kept below disease levels and the immune system works optimally. Don’t panic about this detail – it is explained well in the NHN program.

Remember that all animal products are acid-forming in the body..

Don’t panic.. the average person has a 90% – 100% acid forming diet…