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Serious concerns

1. Energy

Studies show that the ability to convert fuel into muscular energy is 1-third more efficient on a wholefood plant based diet that is predominantly alkaline forming. So in fact once the withdrawal from caffeine, refined sugar and animal products is over, everyone experiences a lot more energy and needs a lot less sleep. This may take from 1 -12 weeks depending on how bad your diet and habits were before

2. Strength

As with all people who transition to a wholefood plant-based diet you will find that your strength improves and is more consistent, as plant protein is much easier to process, assimilate and utilize and this alone results in improved overall strength.

This is due to that fact that the endocrine system (the system that controls almost every bodily function including muscle growth and strength) always works more efficiently and effectively on a wholefood plant-based diet.

Check out Dan Buettner speaking on The Blue Zones on TED Talks – the just around 20 min version – and see how strong the elderly people in these regions are.

Then answer the following questions.