How to become a game changer in our planet’s
Plant-based revolution

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

The Natural Health Academy courses deliver cutting edge, science based and in-depth programs right into the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Compiled by international best-selling author and nutritional expert, Mary-Ann Shearer, in collaboration with Educational Specialist, Janine Flint and Qualified Dietitian, Claudia Bowers who have over 80 years combined experience in the field of Nutrition and Education.

The Natural Health Academy Courses are easily accessible for all, from Doctors to Day Care Owners, Homeopaths to Home-makers, Mothers to Medics, Food fanatics to Fitness Fundi’s, Plant-based to patients and walkers to wholefood store startups. Our curriculum is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


The Natural Health Academy is where you start your journey of health empowerment through education.

Vegan 101 course

A Short Course on how to successfully get going on a plant-based, whole-food diet

There has been a major shift in the world today towards plant-based diets..
In the 1960’s the hippies were seen as a fringe element with their vegetarian diets and a return to all things natural. Veganism was synonymous with unshaved legs and pits, dreadlocks and body odor.
People where teased about being “bunny huggers” or asked if they did not eat meat for “religious reasons” and seen as being not “in touch with the real world”. Some even referred to vegans and vegetarians and “space cadets”..

Today, being vegan has become mainstream. The rich and famous, young and old, people around the world are moving towards a plant-based diet and more sustainable living. Today this is seen as being ‘responsible’, doing the ‘right thing’ and ‘making the world a better place.

What the Natural Health Academy will do for you

• Give you the knowledge and confidence to help yourself and others.
• Create a legacy of health and wealth.
• Create entrepreneurial opportunities should you complete both the NHN and NHBC.
• Save you time and money – no more unnecessary medical bills.
• Give you the knowledge to speak confidently about diet and lifestyle issues.
• Give you the confidence to argue for a plant-based lifestyle based on solid science, not emotion.
• Give you ideas and knowledge to inspire plant-based businesses
• Give you the structure and framework to start a natural health consulting business.
• Give you the structure to teach cooking classes.
• Link you to the top science-based plant-based scientists and organizations.
• Give you the freedom to live well with confidence.
• Take away any fears you have about plant-based living.
• Give you the tools to make the world and better place and help save the planet.

Don’t waste another second – start becoming a game changer today!

What the Natural Health Academy will give you

• Diploma in Natural Health Nutrition.
• Degree in Natural Health Entrepreneurship.
• Monthly newsletter showcasing and discussing the latest research.
• Private Facebook group to discuss assignments, share ideas and give feedback to fellow revolutionaries.
• Private Forum to share your thoughts, inspirations, ideas, comment on theory, ask questions and share your journey.
• Monthly live call/video conference event with Mary-Ann and team. The link will be sent at a convenient time for most international students and all calls or skype events will be recorded for easy access later.

Welcome to the Natural Health Academy – for life!

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