Foundation Plant-based 101 free course

There has been a major shift in the world today towards plant-based diets..
In the 1960’s the hippies were seen as a fringe element with their vegetarian diets and a return to all things natural. Veganism was synonymous with unshaved legs and pits, dreadlocks and body odor.

People where teased about being “bunny huggers” or asked if they did not eat meat for “religious reasons” and seen as being not “in touch with the real world”. Some even referred to vegans and vegetarians and “space cadets”..

Today, being vegan has become mainstream. The rich and famous, young and old, people around the world are moving towards a plant-based diet and more sustainable living. Today this is seen as being ‘responsible’, doing the ‘right thing’ and ‘making the world a better place.